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Boston Magazine 2011 CoverBest of Boston 2011

"Who says northerners can’t do ’cue? Here everything’s cooked low and slow over oak and hickory hardwoods, resulting in unbelievably tender smokehouse meats — from the North Carolina pulled pork and the Texas beef brisket to the absolutely addictive Kansas City burnt ends. The hearty sides are also top-notch — just be sure to save room for a slice of the blue-ribbon-worthy pecan pie."

Boston Magazine 2008 CoverBest of Boston 2008

"This is Blue Ribbon's third straight year notching a win, which means we've already waxed rhapsodic about its smoked-to-perfection brisket and tender pulled pork. (For maximum enjoyment, mix the above liberally with any of the house sauces.) Thus, knowing it's the details that make the difference, this year we pay special homage to the baked beans. They're the glue that binds any self-respecting barbecue meal, and Blue Ribbon's are superlative."

Boston Magazine 2007 CoverBest of Boston 2007

"Texas smoke versus Memphis rub, vinegar tang versus peppery heat-barbecue debates will likely rage until kingdom come (and straight on into the sweet hereafter). This year our returning champion silenced at least one point of contention-which of its two outlets is better-by debuting a central, honking-big smoker (reportedly New England's largest) that turns out uniformly succulent sliced brisket, pulled pork, and an array of other regional specialties for both Blue Ribbon locations, as well as its booming catering business."

Boston Magazine 2006 CoverBest of Boston 2006

"The deep, pink ring along the outer rim of a slice of Blue Ribbon brisket proves it's been smoked long and slow, the hallmark of authenticity. No surprise: The counterspace-only joint looks like it was lifted from a dirt road in Texas, right down to the corrugated tin walls plastered with battered license plates. Equally down home are North Carolina pulled pork, beans that smack of earthy molasses and brown sugar, and corn bread that's good enough to bring tears to a southerner's eyes."


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